Whenever you stay it`s a real holiday

The region Cerkljanska is absolutely the perfect place for spending active holidays due to its rich cultural heritage and the diversity of the landscape.

Adventure park Cerkno


Doživite vznemirljivo pustolovščino za vso družino! Adrenalinski park Cerkno združuje zabavo, izziv in adrenalin. Postavljen v gozdu sredi dišečih iglavcev, s čudovitimi razgledi na bližnje jezero in Triglav, ponuja gozdno avanturo s 40 zabavnimi preprekami različnih težavnostnih stopenj, plezalno steno in spust po jekleni vrvi oz. zip-line.


Cerkno presents an excellent starting point for planning a successful journey of discovering the surrounding places and peaks by your bicycle.

On your way you will pass many picturesque villages and while riding up the hills the bravest and fittest will be rewarded with beautiful views on all our famous mountains.


Are you looking for an active holiday? Then the region Cerkljanska is the perfect choice. Its hardly difficult to find a place like this for the enjoyment of hiking for itself.

Here you will find numerous high routes and mountain transversal trails: High route Idrijsko-Cerkljanska planinska pot, Slovenian Alpine route, European Pathway E7, Red Trail Via Alpina and the Pre-Alps trail.


The region Cerkljnska with its slopes, ravines and hills is an excellent destination for diverse adventurous activities in nature and at the same time a perfect starting point for discovering all the places in Slovenia worth seeing by your motorcycle.


Skiing centre Cerkno is the most modern, the safest and most user-friendly ski resort in Slovenia. This confirm all the skiers, that return year after year to enjoy fabulous skiing moments.

Special admiration arouses the alpine hut Alpska perla at the top of the Skiing centre, where  one can relax an enjoy culinary delicacies and have some entertainment during or after skiing.

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